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Entry #1

Is anyone out there?

2012-02-27 00:46:44 by WatcherofthePanda

Well I can draw but I can't color worth shit. I kinda want to know if there is someone out there that is willing to have a partnership with me. Credit will be 50/50, and if anyone who wants to do this is out there please message me.


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2012-02-27 21:27:19

Partnership of what?

WatcherofthePanda responds:

A drawing partnership in a way.
Mainly im hoping it will turn into some sort of web comic, but at first I just want to do some drawing with someone. Like turn into drawing buds.
Only main reason I need a partner is because my coloring is way off, and looks massively shitty.
(Drawing kinda rough now to. Just got back into it.)